The Pawpost Story

Like most great tales, this one revolves around a profound and life-changing love – in this case, the love between two humans and their dog.

When Lupe Sanchez and Ben Woolley brought home their puppy love, Oscar, they realised it was going to be a challenge keeping him interested and satisfied with his food, treat and toy options. Oscar is not only a pernickety pooch, but also has a range of food sensitivities due to various health issues. Therefore, thoughtfully selecting and sampling natural, grain free options was a necessity. They ended up buying countless products in their search for the perfect ones, costing them a lot of time and money. They soon found that this was a common struggle amongst like-minded, health and eco-conscious pet parents. The creation of PawPost was their answer to this dilemma, and their way of sharing their wonderful discoveries with you, their PawPost family.

The PawPost promise

Our pets aren’t just treated like family, they are family. And you wouldn’t give your family anything but the very best.

Here at PawPost we want to give your moggy or pooch treats made from 100% natural, highest quality ingredients, and toys made from safe and ethical materials, all sourced from brands that we love and trust. PawPost does the work, so you can spend more time bonding with your four-legged love.

Giving back

Giving feels good, and that’s why we love working with brands that support animal welfare. Some of our favourites, including Beautiful Joe’s, Jax & Bones, Mutts & Hounds, and Freak MEOWt, lovingly give financial or product contributions to animals (and sometimes humans!) in need.

We at Pawpost also like to go that extra little bit, which is why we’ve teamed up with the wonderful folks and hounds at All Dogs Matter. This means for every box you buy a small amount will be donated to this wonderful rehoming charity.

Meet our quality control crew

Our expert team of discerning dog and cat product testers ensure that everything in your box is top notch.


Title:Canine Executive Officer
Favourite Treat:His personalised Fetch & Follow treats!
Favourite Toy:Beco Pets George Giraffe
Likes:Rambling on Primrose Hill, sniffing bums, spreading love
Dislikes:Delivery men and the vacuum cleaner


Title:Head of Feline Operations
Favourite Treat:Green & Wild's Luvies
Favourite Toy:Freak MEOWt catnip cupcake
Likes:Sleeping, eating
Dislikes:Going outside


Title:Assistant Treat Nibbler
Favourite Treat:Beautiful Joe's liver treats
Favourite Toy:Jax & Bones gingerbread man

Meet the two-legged team

Since our product testers can’t use computers, they’ve recruited their family members to do the hard work for them.