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Our Products

Organic treats, eco-friendly toys, nutritious,
grain-free food and chic and snappy accessories -
these are just some of the wonderful offerings you
can look forward to receiving in every month’s
PawPost box!


Whether you’re attempting to master the art of sit, speak or shake, or simply indulging your best friend in a gratuitous,yet healthy, snack, you will find an irresistible selection of treats in your monthly box. At PawPost we pride ourselves on featuring the most healthy, natural treats for your precious pet – from fishy (and stinky!) treats full of kelp and Omega 3, biscuits hand baked with herbal remedy ingredients, to ethically made air dried ox liver treats made from 100% British meat. Our selection of gluten free, human-grade, and delicious snacks promise to delight your beloved pooches and pussy cats, while providing a healthy source of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and/or protein.


Our monthly boxes offer a range of premium, natural and environmentally friendly toys. Some are for interacting with your dog or cat. Some are for sleepy time snuggles. Some are for hiding, fetching, bouncing, chasing or chewing. Regardless of what kind of toy you receive, you can be confident that we have sourced only the best, safest, recycled, and eco-sustainable (where possible) toys. We try to mix and match between adorable, snuggly comfort toys and more durable, hard wearing ones.

Free grain food

Although most pets have a favourite food, or a vet advised meal plan – we think its worth while to share our food discoveries with our PawPost family. Studies suggest that feeding our pets the same food day in and day out is not healthy or enjoyable, and can actually lead to food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. This means occasionally, instead of only treats, we may also include all natural, grain free wet or dry food to help spice up your pets diet and add a bit of variety to meal times. We like to showcase organic, British made options as often as possible. All the food we feature is pure and natural, made from ingredients that you can trust and feel good about giving to your four-legged love.


We want our PawPost family (and all pets for that matter!) to be as healthy and well taken care of as possible. Therefore in addition to just offering nutritional treats and food, we also sometimes send an extra dose of healthy goodness in the form of supplements. We always try to choose hassle free, hypoallergenic versions that make it easy to give your pet the good stuff that nature intended; including essential nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. Good nutrition should be addressed on all fronts, and we want to provide you with every tool to keep your precious pooch or pussy cat healthy and happy..

Grooming & Hygiene Products

Honouring our strict all natural policy when it comes to products that will be going into or onto your pet’s body, all our hygiene and grooming products are human quality, always free from harsh chemicals, and, of course, cruelty free. These products are brimming with minerals and essential oils that help to hydrate and nourish your pets coat and skin, while stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins. A regular bathing and grooming routine is an essential part of maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness.

For Humans

Although most of our products are selected for the enjoyment and health of your furry friend, we occasionally include something for our two-legged PawPost family members. This includes informative books, eco-friendly cotton totes, and pet themed treat sacks.

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